Practice Mindfulness to Nurture Your Soul

Begin a holistic wellness journey in Davison, MI

Your soul is the third aspect of holistic wellness which we address at Davison Holistic Therapies in Davison, Michigan. You can take one of our many classes that caters to healing and growth of the soul. These include yoga, drum making and meditation classes. Plus, we offer reiki energy healing. This gentle technique originated in Japan over 4,000 years ago. It can be performed hands-on or hands-off, making it ideal for those who prefer to not be touched.

Learn more about reiki energy healing in Davison, Michigan now by calling 810-652-6262.

Try something new

Try something new

Our studio offers a wide variety of holistic wellness classes which we encourage you to explore. For example, we offer two meditation classes. One takes a more scientific approach and is only half-guided, while the other focuses on your soul and is fully-guided.

You can also participate in our drum making class—taught by a Native American shaman. During the class, you’ll:

  • Learn about the mental benefits of drumming
  • Learn the history of drumming in Native American culture
  • Create your own handheld drum

Plus, you can bring your new drum to one of our full-moon drumming circles. Held once a month, you’ll experience sound and vibration healing around our backyard bonfire. This space will also be converted to a meditation garden in the future. Don’t wait for your soul to heal on its own—visit Davison Holistic Therapies today.