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Enroll in meditation classes in Davison, MI

Are you constantly searching for ways to expand your knowledge? The classes at Davison Holistic Therapies might be right for you.

You can join meditation and yoga classes at our studio in Davison, Michigan. Are you interested in improving your focus or finding inner peace? You may be interested in our meditation classes. You'll learn about the connection between mind and body while reaping the many benefits of meditation. Maybe you're interested in practicing yoga. Our classes are perfect for beginners and anyone who needs a good stretch.

Ask about prices and scheduling now by calling 810-652-6262.

Pursue your interests

Pursue your interests

While our yoga and meditation classes are very popular, we also offer instruction on a variety of other subjects, including:

  • Living as an empath—a six-week course in protecting your energy, you can attend for a week or for all six weeks
  • Massage CEU—training classes to further education for massage therapists
  • Massage ethics—a required class for massage therapists to renew their licenses which teaches ethical behavior in a variety of situations
  • ServSafe certification—training for the safe handling of food, which is required by many restaurants

You can also take classes focused on practical skills, like CPR. Attend massage, meditation or yoga classes at Davison Holistic Therapies in Davison, Michigan today.