Acudetox, ear acupuncture

What is Acudetox?

Acudetox is a non-verbal holistic approach to healing that involves gentle insertion of up to five small sterilized disposable needles into specific sites on each ear.  The recipient sits quietly in a group sitting or an individual treatment for 30 minutes after which the needles are removed..

Acudetox at Davison Holistic is provided by Terry of Moore's Wellness.   $15

Sessions can be integrated with a Reiki healing session as well                $20

Individual or group sessions are 30 minutes.  Plan on approximately 45 minutes total.

Terry is currently available on Wednesdays from 1pm-4pm.

How does Acudetox work?

1. The Autonomic Point:  Helps calm the nervous system and helps with overall relaxation

2. The Shen Men Point or Spirit Gate:   Helps alleviate anxiety, depression and insomnia

3. The Kidney Point:  Helps influence mental state & happiness.  Helps relieve fear

4. Liver Point:  Helps with detoxification as well as extinguishing anger and aggression

5. Lung Point:  Helps with the grieving process and letting go